Government Continuity

Yesterday I received a couple calls asking what the purpose of this exercise was and why would anyone be interested in participating in it.  People who know me recognize my ability to get lofty on occasion and ‘Business Continuity’ it seems was one such occasion.  My only excuse is that a decade and a half of helping businesses reorganize and optimize their infrastructures allows me to take certain givens for granted.

First I’ll answer the ‘what’.  What are ‘we’ trying to accomplish?  What needs do we all have in common?  If Government is the infrastructure to meet these needs, then what does that infrastructure look like?  What is the Scope of Government?

In years past I looked to the Founding Fathers and what they described as the function of Government.  To tell you all frankly, it requires a great deal of effort to discern what they definitively created because there were many ideas, many authors, and language has changed over the centuries.  This leads to arguing over what they intended to leave behind for those to follow.  I have my understanding and there are many who have the opposite.

So the ‘What’ is a form of Government that we can ALL live with that we determine on our own.  After all ‘we’ have the tools and the experience to determine what our Government should look like without having to argue over what the Founders of the United States of America did or did not say.  We’ve already seen that just leads to a stalemate because we can’t agree on their meaning.  So let’s design and implement our future Government without relying on them at all.  Are we not Humans; tool makers and innovators capable of carving our own futures?

These methodologies will allow us objectively determine our Government’s function and scope.  With a common goal and methodology we can all work both independently and just as important interdependently in order to reach that common goal.

Who are ‘we’?  Just us to begin with, but a proven set of methodologies for reorganization will allow ‘us’ to grow quickly.  We are the True Liberals, those of us who understand that we can coexist peacefully without being Centrally Planned.  Our ranks will grow as we define the mission and communicate its advantages.

Now for the ‘Why’.  Why do we need to participate in the reorganization of our Government?  Why do we need Government in the first place?  Why would we want to create a Government that can stand for centuries and indeed millennia?

Government is failing at its current goal.  What is that goal?  Who knows, we all can’t seem to agree on what, just that it is.  A reorganization allows us to determine the ‘As Is’ process of Government in order determine what we keep, what we improve, and what we discard. What we end up with is a sustainable ‘Should Be’.

Our Government is necessary to ensure that we have a common set of Rules.  Only a common set of rules allows us to predict the outcome of our actions and of those around us. It is required to prevent Central Planners from invading our territories and setting up arbitrary rule.  And finally it is required to prevent Central Planners from within setting up their own arbitrary rule as we see today.  There are certainly others and only dialog will bring those out.

To end I come full circle to the ‘Business Continuity Plan’ I spoke of before.  We need to be assured that these Rules that allow us as individuals to predict the outcomes of our actions and those around us stay predictable and available at all times.  Folks we have the means to do all of this, and do it well.  A system that is understandable by all and encourages the wise and efficient use of our resources for generations to come.  This is Government Continuity.

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask.  I work for you and we all need to have a common understanding to work together.  If you have any argument against these or any forthcoming concepts, do not hesitate to comment.  We can all quickly resolve any differences.

If you have any inkling at all that it is possible for we Human Beings to design and implement a far better system than we have available today, DO NOT HESITATE to participate in the Reorganization of our Government.

The End is Far and there is no time to waste,

Steve A Morris

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One comment on “Government Continuity
  1. Dagny says:

    OK, now I see where you are going. No small task – however, one that should be undertaken by all that have a vested interest in the future of our nation. Frankly, I would not want to vote for anyone running for office that did not have innovative ideas to contribute to this. It is no longer a matter of fixing this or eliminating that, or changing the party in charge along with the rotation of the lobbyists. Think of all of the things that have changed since the Founders designed our system of government. The core principles are still sound, but the massive growth and complexity of the implementation has created the monster that no longer works except for those few who manipulate the chaos to their advantage. As I said, no small task my friend. I am happy that you are willing to facilitate such a collaboration. Looking forward to seeing how you will set up a conceptual framework.

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