Business Continuity

All life on planet Earth is attempting business continuity.  That’s what life is.  It’s the exercise of getting to the next day.  Acquiring food, finding shelter, defending your own being from being acquired, that is everything’s mission in a nutshell.  It’s very useful to look at it this way as there is great value in knowing the mission of millions of different autonomous organisms.

We’re all spontaneously attempting to reach that next day without knowing how everyone, and everything, else is doing it.  So if we boil it down to one commonly understood premise, we can find the similarities in how that mission is achieved.  That’s teamwork.

This cannot be up for debate as the forthcoming methodologies must all have the same premise in order to act in harmony.  The coolest thing is that you’ll come to understand how just fitting the word ‘harmony’ actually is.  I’m not saying you don’t already understand, I’m just explaining in detail just how I arrived at it myself.

So we’re all trying to make it to the next day?  There are literally millions of different methods that are currently in use, but let’s only focus on the successful ones.  Of course one can always say, they’re all successful since they are in use.

That’s true, but we have tools to see how and why they’re successful and if they’ll stand the test of time.  The unsuccessful ones will come up spontaneously, trust me.  We Humans can predict the future of all sorts of things with fantastic accuracy. Except the weather of course, but we’re getter better.  That’s pretty cool if you think about it.  And that leads me to another cool thing, that’s that business continuity and predicting the future are one in the same.  And yes, I like the word ‘cool’.  Fascinating and ordinarily true at the same time.

Some organisms have no clue they are about to eaten, and “Walla” they no longer exist.  We on the other hand have this highly accurate way of determining what’s around the corner and whether we should be looking for anything else.  By ‘we’ of course I mean we Liberals, not those domesticated beings and their central planners who won’t find this cool at all.

These methods, these ways of determining the future, are exactly what ‘we’ are going to build from scratch.  Not saying that we’re not going to borrow heavily from history, but what ‘we’re’ going to build is the best Business Continuity Plan (BCP) possible.  To date, and did I mention from scratch?

This is how.  I mentioned teamwork before and right now there are two positions; Architect and Application Owners.  To begin I’ll play the role of the Architect, and you all are the Application Owners.  Since I’m working for you, I need to ask you a great many questions in order to find out what we all want built.  Pretty soon, we’ll all be Architects and various roles, but we have to start somewhere.

Methodologies folks, I love’em.  From just Two Roles in an Organization, we are going create an entire BCP by reverse engineering the mission of Life.  For the crunchy people out there, this is ‘organic’ at its best.

So right now you all are the Application Owners, if you have any questions, shoot.  I work for you.

See Economic Continuity . . .

The End is Far,

Steve A Morris

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2 comments on “Business Continuity
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  2. Dagny says:

    Really glad to see your new posts. What are we building here? By Application Owner – do you mean “citizen”? If something ever needed re-engineering, it is the way our government works. I remember from your campaign that you have a strong background in systems design and optimization – something the folks in Washington seem to lack. What we have now is a kin to a bunch of patched Fortran code – broken, redundant, corrupted… We all know where this leads. Time to upgrade!! Where do we start????

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