Liberal Irony

If you ask just about any American today “What is the political philosophy of the Democrats and their allies?” you will instantly hear the term “Liberalism”.  Now this bothers me and I’ll explain why in the paragraphs to follow.

What is liberalism?  What does it mean?  I took the lazy route at first to determine its definition and looked up the term only to discover it has no definition by the substantive definition of definition.  Confused?  Well, what started out lazy and not definitive, only required a bit of effort to clear up.

Liberal in its ‘classic’ form means freedom; freedom from coercion and freedom from restraint.  To be free from coercion one must be independent or free from dependence.  When you are dependent upon another such as a parent, you can easily be coerced as they can easily withhold that which you are dependent upon.

To be free from restraint one must be unfettered to pursue one’s own self interest.  Now many would argue that that allows one to force their self interest upon another.  This is a dead end statement because as Individual Sovereigns we are free from Coercion.  You cannot force or coerce your ideologies upon another unless of course, there is always an ‘unless’ isn’t there, unless they are dependent upon you.

So what is Social Liberalism?  Social Liberalism is an oxymoron.  It is freedom from independence.  It is freedom from thought.  It is freedom from self determination, it is freedom from responsibility, and it is freedom from accountability for those administering those freedoms.

To be free from Independence one must be easily coerced.  To be easily coerced one must be heavily dependent upon another.  To be free from self-determination one must allow another to apply their self interest upon you.  You must allow them to think for you where they deem fit, and you have no argument for accountability, only an appeal for pity.

So Liberalism has been reduced to irony.  We the Classic Liberals have allowed these Socialists, these Patricians, and their Plebeians to take the term that best describes those of us who favor maximum individual freedom and rebrand themselves as Liberals who favor maximum freedom from freedom itself.  It is disgusting and I shall no longer remain silent when those who favor human domestication over self-determination declare themselves ‘liberal’!

Just as New Coke fizzled out of existence at the return of Classic Coke, so shall this New Liberalism be fizzled out of existence with the return of the Classic Liberal.  Next time you hear someone talk about Liberalism, ask them if they mean Classic or New.  It won’t be long till we can drop the term ‘classic’ and be left with only the Original.

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2 comments on “Liberal Irony
  1. Literally Liberal says:

    Liberal has a lot of meanings, but none of which you mentioned.

    I guess I will poor my syrup “free from coercion” on my pancakes, instead of liberally.

    • theendisfar says:

      Etymology is the key here. This is a form of critical thinking that allows one to ‘objectively’ pinpoint the meaning of a word when that word’s meaning is in question. Example 1 b. is the only definition from Merriam that traces back to the root.

      What Central Planners have successfully done is erased a large segment of the population’s ability to pinpoint the meaning of words and therefor their ability to critically think. This is quite useful when one wants to control the thoughts of those they domesticate.

      Take your example. A critical thinker would have ‘poured’ their syrup ‘free from restraint’, liberally. However, ‘free from coercion’ also works if Michelle Obama seeks to coerce you from becoming obese. You must be able to trace context to a premise (root meaning) in order for two parties to communicate effectively.

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