Changing the format of The End is Far

It may seem odd to see “Progressive Liberalism” as the new label for this website, but not after recognizing what the two terms actually mean.

The term ‘progressive‘ is typically associates with socialistic political beliefs, however the term simply means movement is a particular direction.

The term ‘liberal‘ is typically associated with socialistic political beliefs, however it was hijacked in the late 30’s by the socialists of the time, FDR most notably.  Liberalism, by its original definition is ‘favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible.‘  Anyone else find it odd that the original definition is pretty much the opposite of today’s use of the word?

So the new mission of ‘The End is Far’ will be to push the American Society progressively towards maximum individual freedom.

Progressive Liberalism.

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One comment on “Changing the format of The End is Far
  1. Dagney says:

    What really seemed odd to me was when I thought I was a progressive liberal human being for most of my life and then discovered that I had been put into a niche of politics and socialistic mindset that in NO WAY fit my beliefs and the way I see the world — just because I used those words to describe myself. Unofficially libertarian (live and let live), working on the leading edge of technology R&D, too busy to pay attention to politics and the media, I had no clue until recent years that these words in the popular vernacular had the opposite meaning of my own longstanding definitions.

    As I started to look more closely at this, it was so clear that the term “liberal” was attracting a different group of individuals that focused on collectivism and social engineering, socialistic government and domestication of individuals into dependent and controlled automatons. Glenn Beck has discussed the meaning of “progressives” while talking about the founders of this country. It has, however, became clear that he was using this theme as a setup to promote his own religious views and values as similar to those of the framers of the Constitution. Not so! Their intent was not only “freedom of religion” BUT ALSO “freedom from religion”. I am a fifth generation Unitarian, tracing back to early days of this organization in America. Somewhere along the line, we became known as a “liberal” religion. However, of late, the classical “liberal” has been taken over by the political “liberal” and most congregations shut out the orthodox Unitarians who are socially and religiously liberal, but in no way aligned with Democratic Left Wing Liberals OR even Republican Right Wing Conservatives. Like our ancestors these dogmatic views do not fit us, anymore than the strict religious oppression that our founders were passionate to escape from fit them.

    Thanks for bringing the true progressive liberalism to light. As you suggest, let’s move progressively forward towards maximum individual freedom, and re-establish educational institutes, congregations, communities, and voting blocks that represent us.

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