NRA "HR 5175 Okay as long as we’re exempt!"


The NRA announced this week that it will not oppose HR 5175 now that the Democrats have offered them an exemption.

In  a letter to Congress dated May 26, 2010 the NRA states "
H.R. 5175 creates a series of byzantine (sic) disclosure requirements that have the obvious effect of intimidating speech." However, it seems if you ally with the Byzantines to get yourself exempted the effect is no longer intimidating.

What the NRA has obviously forgotten is that our Rights DO NOT come from Legislatures, Presidents, or Courts.  Our rights come from Nature or Nature’s God and the Constitution was drafted to protect those Rights from being abridged by our government.

By taking this exemption, the NRA admits its position that Rights do not come from God or Nature, they come from man and can be bought in back room deals.

The NRA letter ends" As noted above, there is no legitimate reason to include the NRA in H.R. 5175’s overly burdensome disclosure and reporting requirements. Therefore, we will continue to work with members from both parties to address these issues. Should our concerns not be resolved – and to date, they have not been – the NRA will have no choice but to oppose passage of this legislation."

How soon before you have to join the NRA to be exempted from unconstitutional 2nd Amendment infringemnets?  The NRA’s position is shameful, cowardly, and is nothing short of Union Mentality.

Americans all enjoy the same Rights and we must not allow powerful Unions or Lobbyists to coerce membership so that they can COLLECTIVELY BARGAIN for what is already ours!

You can reach the NRA at 800-392-8683 to express your thoughts and take a moment to consider the Gun Owners of America, their members fight for everyone’s rights when protecting their own.

Steve A Morris




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2 comments on “NRA "HR 5175 Okay as long as we’re exempt!"
  1. RICH says:

    The constitution defines our freedoms. The second amendment guarantees them.

  2. RICH says:

    ” …from my cold, dead hands.”

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