Classic Liberals of the World Unite!


The Tea Party has gone international.  Tel Aviv, The Netherlands, and Moscow all now have Tea Party organizations that are seeking Freedom and I’ll bet there are more to follow.

This is wonderful news and just goes to show that this movement is not about race or antigovernment sentiments, it is about Classic Liberalism and the consent of the governed.  The Freedom to manage our own households and futures, and Freedom from the burden of manufactured dependency and domestication.

It has long been said that America is the Land of the Free, but we cannot claim Freedom for ourselves.  Freedom knows no geographical boundaries, but instead as John Stewart Mills puts it "my freedom ends where someone else’s begins."  Freedom is Independence.

Freedom is not an American invention, it is the pioneering spirit that is inherent in all human beings.  It is the Strength and Wisdom to make your own way and the passing of these virtues onto our posterity.  Freedom is the natural course of life.

We Americans are not alone in our quest for Freedom.  Classic Liberalism is again on the rise and we have allies not just here at home, but all over the world.

Classic Liberals of the World Unite!

Steve A Morris

Posted in Government

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