What is Sedition?  According to Joe Klein of Time Magazine it is “conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of the state” while talking about Sarah Palin’s remarks that Obama’s policies are “un-American”.

While I do not take issue with Joe’s definition of sedition, I do take issue with his use of it. Here’s why. . .

The authority or power of the State is derived from the ‘consent’ of the governed, which here in the United States is composed of Individual Sovereigns.  While progressive scholars will attempt to describe a ‘bottom up’ delegation of authority, practical people understand that Authority is top down and ‘We the People’ are at the top and retain Authority at all times.

‘We the People’ have delegated the Authority to carry out government ‘services’ to meet our common needs as described in Article1 Section 8 of the United States Constitution.  This has never been a delegation of Authority over any individuals or groups of people, the power is given by the People and may be retracted at any time.

The Bill of Rights spells out a few ‘self-evident’ rights and the need to spell them out since experience has taught us that ALL governments will seek to expand their power over the citizens.  The 9th Amendment explicitly states that although several rights are named, there are too many to list.

The 10th Amendment states that ALL powers not explicitly delegated to the United States (Art 1 Sec 8), nor prohibited by it (Art 1 Sec 9), are reserved to the States.  All powers not delegated to the State or the Federal Government are retained by the People.

‘We the People’ are Sovereign unto Ourselves and cannot be Seditious where the government has no Authority.

Be careful with your consent, because the End is Far . . .

Steve A Morris

Posted in Government, National Security, Proper Role of Government

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