The Tax Day Tea Party – Atlanta


If you haven’t attended a Tea Party yet, it is worth getting to at least one this year, after one I think you’ll be interested in attending more.  This is a political movement never before seen in all of history.  It is nothing less than a peaceful Revolution that takes its authority from the Declaration of Independence and it direction from the Constitution.

No one called for violence, no one called for rebellion, but everyone called for a restoration of our natural and self-evident Liberty. The freedom to pursue a better future unabridged from those that are attempting to Centrally Plan the lives and direction of not only those that never acquired independence when they reached adulthood, but those that did as well.

It cannot go without notice the number of people aged 50 and over whom I did not hear once complain about the dismal future of their Social Security or Medicare payments but rather showed up in defense of their children and grandchildren’s legacy. I can’t express completely how honored I was to shake these people’s hands and to exchange reassurances that we will brave this storm and restore the bright future for our posterity.  I have no doubt.

In closing, I ask that you all attend as many political meetings as you can this year (Tea, Democrat, Republican, neighborhood, etc).  Adam Smith spoke of the ‘invisible hand’ that drives economics and that hand’s direction is the result of the participation of the many. 

You can help guide the invisible hand of politics only through direct participation.

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