Attention! Shareholders Meeting Today


In looking for a subject to write about on Tax Day 2010, I noticed many people trying desperately to put a label on the Tea Parties and the attendees, namely the Main Stream Media, Democrats, and Republicans. Early on We were described as Right Wing Radicals, then We were described as disenfranchised Republicans, then both parties started trying to claim us, and now no one knows how to handle or label us.

Here’s the problem, the folks attending the Tea Parties are nothing more than Shareholders that usually don’t show up to the Stockholders Meetings but have had enough so We’re showing up to Exercise Our Ownership of not only Our Country but the Ownership of Ourselves.  Individual Sovereignty, the very thing the Founders set up the United States to protect.

Some of us are Democrats or Republicans, many are Independents or Libertarians, but the one thing in common that We all have is that We have taken the time to reread the By Laws (i.e. Constitution) of our Great Nation and are no longer remaining the Silent Majority.  Washington DC is not following the Rules, and their #1 excuse, ‘Well, the Admin before us broke the Rules so we’re going to break even more!’


We, the American People who Provide for Ourselves and this Nation, are not longer leaving the direction and speed up to the Two Parties that got us here. In 2010 we must do everything possible to remove ALL Socialists from power and then we can focus on restoring the Federal Government’s role to Protecting Our Liberties and NOTHING else.

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One comment on “Attention! Shareholders Meeting Today
  1. Engineer EIEIO says:

    Great Post!

    Best explanation of the Tea Party I’ve heard. The Shareholders are now awake; otherwise we become sharecroppers.

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