"Because I’m the President"


Just over a year ago Barrack Obama was elected to the Office of The President of the United States.  At the time I was suspicious of his ability to carry out the roles and responsibilities, but like many I was also hopeful he would usher in a new age of transparency and fiscal responsibility for Our Federal government.  After 8 years of Bush, I thought it might be safe to welcome a newcomer to the scene.

As the time progressed I found my suspicions were well founded and my hope was dashed.  My suspicions arose from President Obama’s belief in Keynesian economics and a strong role of government in our financial markets.  While there were some successes in Obama’s community organizing in Chicago’s South Side, they were manufactured to succeed to benefit the few, albeit at the expense of the many.  His efforts did not Transform the community nor restore its lost industries.  They can only be measured as a success when compared to the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, a dismal failure.

As for hope, I may as well have crossed my fingers and prayed.  Hope, in my experience, is the last thing you do before something bad is about to happen.  Well, ‘bad’ has happened folks.  Using the same methods to ‘Transform’ Chicago’s South Side, Obama is transforming America by spending huge amounts of our money, never seen before in all of history, to manufacture limited success that benefits the few who helped him get elected.  Did I mention with Our money?

Obama is leading the charge that is sinking our nation as evident in; Obama’s plan for Health Care, Obama’s plan for Jobs, Obama’s plan for Education, and the host of the other Obama plans.  Our Constitution is very clear that it is Our Legislature that creates Laws on the behalf of the American People and that the Office of the President is responsible for carrying into execution those Laws (i.e. plans), hence the Executive Branch.

What is the use of a Legislature that delegates its powers to the Executive Branch?  None, other than creating a de facto King.  In fact it is Unconstitutional for any of the Branches to delegate its powers to another, because the powers of each Branch are ‘vested’; held completely, permanently, and inalienably.

The Separation of Powers is not a guideline, it is a measure against the abuse of power that our Government is now fully engaged in.

So we know Obama knows what his title is, but does he know what that means?  Do our Legislators simply misunderstand the Constitution, or are they also ignoring it?

Mr. President, it is time you show the American People some respect and start bowing to The US Constitution, not the wishes of your contributors or pals.

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