What do you think?


Why are there 500 Federal Agencies when there are only 18 Federal Responsibilities?

When we Americans turn 18 years of age, does the Federal Government become our new Parents?

If we don’t like our new Parents’ rules, can we move out on our own again?

Why does John Doe get an allowance when he doesn’t do his chores and I have to get a job?

Are there more crimes against the Government or People in the United States?

If We the People are the Government, can we commit crimes against ourselves?

When Anthropogenic Global Warming is proven to be a fraud, should we prosecute the ‘Climate Experts’ for negligence and malpractice?

Is Bipartisanship more important than Constitutionality?

If a Law or Federal Agency is Unconstitutional, do we have to obey it?

Is forced participation in paying for Entitlement programs actually Involuntary Servitude?  What if you don’t benefit?

Is the US Constitution the Supreme Law of the land or just a guide?

If the Federal Government only took responsibility for the items under Article 1 Sec. 8, could your community survive?

Are there ANY limits to what the Federal Government can or can’t do?

These questions should/must be asked if a sound government is to be restored.

The End is Far,

Steve A Morris

Posted in Constitution, Government, Proper Role of Government

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