Problem Solving 101


Please bear with me as I get used to a Video Blog format and editing, it’s strange trying to talk to a camera with no one else in the room :)

Problem solving has been the basis for my work (ERP Implementation and Operations) over the last 15 years and here is an example how folks in my industry tackle problems, especially big ones.

This is the first of a 10 part series that will describe this process in some detail.

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4 comments on “Problem Solving 101
  1. Glynne says:

    You go Steve! We need as many problem solvers as we can get right now.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. RICH says:

    Steve, you are a true patriot my friend. If most American’s had your devotion to country — we would be doing so much better as a nation.

    I think we both agree there needs to be health care reform. Lowering costs while maintaining quality is what we are striving for. As you pointed out — the Democrat proposal would not have achieved this.

    So where do we go from here?

    • theendisfar says:

      Thanks Rich. If you look at the problem as a destination, you’ll quickly find that ‘enable-ment’ not only solves the healthcare issue but most problems plaguing the domesticated.

      The few are governing the many from too far away and they’re herding more and more people attempting to domesticate them without having ANY accountability. If a Congressperson or group of them make a series of bad decisions that severely affects your life, too bad, the will ‘of the people’ has been delivered even though the people did not have the authority their REPRESENTATIVES exercised to implement their disastrous plans.

      We’ve got to learn to ignore the D’s & R’s and use result based methods to solve issues. The Discovery, Implement, and Optimize method works for a host of issues and that reminds me to include examples in the rest of the series to show the versatility.

      There will always be Liberals and Conservatives and that’s fine so long as we all live under the same set of rules and erase Authority over those able to support themselves and others.

      Big news coming!

  3. Dagny2010 says:

    Your roadmap is a great framework for taking a look at just how far off course the Congress is when it comes to getting anything done — efficiently and effectively and with the same standards they require of those who do business with the government.

    Glad you used the Healthcare Bill as an example of how things fall apart in a haphazard environment of people who have no clue of how to follow a process. If my company developed proposals to the Federal government in the manner this bill was created; cut backdoor deals; obtained requirements from those with a clear conflict of interest; included NO cost analysis, trade off studies, contingencies, assumptions, or definitive schedule with milestones; and presented a few thousand pages of unreadable, contorted, and unclear mandates written in bureaucratic legalize — NOT read by me and EVERYone responsible for the content — well, you can guess what the results would be…starting with me. I would most likely be fired. My company would be placed on the “non compliant” list. Violation of Federal ethics and procurement laws would put me and my company in line for adverse consequences or even prosecution.

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