I’ll take ‘Global Warming’ for a 1000 Bob


Long story short, I became interested in global warming around 2005 when I started noticing the science wasn’t really science so much as special effects.  That will be discussed, but for now;

I’ll open up the Global Warming section with a question from Jeff.

(Jeff) My question is about the solar minimums (Dalton and Maunder). How long were they and how much longer before the current solar minimum becomes one of those events?

As seen in the diagrams above the Maunder Minimum lasted about 60-80 years and the Dalton about 30-40 years ending what was known as the Little Ice Age.  The Politically Correct answer is 30 years for something to be considered climate and I’d agree in this case given that would be about 3 times the normal 11 year Sun cycle.

Coincidentally the Industrial Revolution started at the same time the the LIA ended leading many to see the increase in temps and rise in CO2 as a connected event.

The below graphic depicts the entire LIA and shows the end of the Viking’s time in Greenland known as the Medieval Warm Period ending in about the 1350’s with the Wolf Minimum.

It is puzzling to me how a 1 degree increase  in temps over the last 150 years that followed a 1 degree decrease in temps for about 450 years is alarming to a scientist.

Thanks for the question, soon we’ll take a look at how 0-1000 AD had climate cycles similar to the last 1000 years.

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