Hooray! Obama strikes again!

Good Ole PrezBO is at it again.  In order to recoup the TARP money that has ‘disappeared’ ‘The Great One’ is going to make tax-payers pay more at the banks by introducing fees on the nations largest banks to the tune of $120 Billion.

This makes no sense at all!  First these charlatans steal $700 billion from the People to pay for the mistakes of dissolving the provisions in the Glass Steagall Act that prevented Commercial Banks from owning our Investment Banks and Insurance companies, and now He/They are going to make the customers of banks (i.e. TAXPAYERS) pay more for using the damn banks that we bailed out!??

Who gains? The Government and Banks.  Who loses? The People and Small Businesses who use banks.  It is as if bleeding the patient has come back into fashion.  Not so bad if your the doctor, terrible if you’re the patient.

Is this man an idiot or is he simply leading the charge to destroy our nation?  Many years ago I was introduced to the concept of “fixing it until it’s broke” and it is most often employed by the inexperienced and arrogant.  Who does this describe?  Not just Obama . . .

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One comment on “Hooray! Obama strikes again!
  1. RICH says:

    Doctors believed that by bleeding George Washington, it would help reduce his fever. Liberals believe that by bleeding our economy, it will help reduce the planets “fever”.

    One proved to be fatal for our first President. The other would prove to be fatal for our country.

    “Is this man an idiot or is he simply leading the charge to destroy our nation?”

    With Moonbat liberals running this nation, perhaps the end is not so far?

    REPLY: That is what they will have everyone believe. It is high time we prove them wrong. -Steve

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