A very Civil war

What is this ‘very Civil war’?

It is a play on words given that the word Civil means both ‘of the people’ and ‘courteous’, and is a recognition that we are already at war with regards to whether mankind is capable of self-governing or requires This Oligarchy because a minority can’t seem to fend for or govern themselves.  ‘Very’ was added to punctuate ‘civil’.

Liberty in the form a Constitutional Republic is at war with Tyranny disguised as forced but tolerated protection and altruism wrapped up in an American flag watermark.   This Oligarchy is not imminent but already upon us and the Constitution gives us the means to remove it peacefully.

A general message for ‘Them’;

We are not children and shall not be treated as such.  We are not those that seek government assistance but rather expect it to be there when we need it simply because we pay for it.

No one who claims to be a representative of a State or State district, US House and Senate respectively, has the authority to force anyone to buy anything including health care, especially if it benefits one group at the expense of another.

The People these representatives speak for have no such authority either.

We seek to enable all people, not to domesticate or be domesticated.

A general message for ‘Us’;

We are the true Republicans.  We know and value the Constitution of the United States.  We earn or are learning to earn our keep.  We are charitable, especially within our communities.  We know who we are.

The End is Far is dedicated to building an infrastructure to empower the people through knowledge and exercise.  To build a Citizen Lobby that swears the same oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  as our representatives and military do, and is able to live up to that Oath.

Very happy to report,

the end is far . . .

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