Taxpayers Best Friend

Poor Brutus, he just found out only 25% of the folks in a recent Rasmussen poll think he should get up to a $3,500 tax break for expenses used in his care.  Guess folks just think times are tough and covering pet’s expenses at the expense of the Federal coffers is going too far.

The reasoning from H.R. 3501 seems to be this; 63% of Americans own pets and “The Human-Animal Bond has been shown to have positive effects upon people’s emotional and physical well-being.” as stated in the Findings section.  I’m surprised pet owners made it this far without it.

Oddly this bill comes from Representative McCotter out of Michigan’s 11th District, a man seemingly concerned about the current economic condition and a champion of smaller government.  Surely he is not attempting to overtly reduce the Federal coffers.  Perhaps this is an attempt to reduce the tax burden on those that already pay their share of taxes as well as other’s.

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