Government, Too Big to Fail

With all the bailouts of companies that were deemed “too big to fail”, I am surprised to hear little about the Government itself being too big to fail and what it means for it to fail. Not only failing at what it is directed to accomplish within the Constitution, but failing at things it was not meant to do.

The US Government has failed at, but not limited to; Laying taxes equally in proportion to the Census, borrowing money responsibly, practicing uniform rules for naturalization and bankruptcy, regulating the value of the dollar, exercising sensibly the Commerce Clause, and limiting itself to the powers enumerated in Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution as prescribed by Law.

In addition to the many failures of in areas the US government does have mandate, it has also failed where it does not such as, but again not limited to; Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, The Great Society, The New Deal, NASA, No Child Left Behind, Affirmative Action, EPA, and mortgage backing.

So is our government too big to fail? Perhaps it is failing because it is too big. When the large banks and auto companies failed, the US Government came to the rescue by taking major holdings in those companies and purchasing worthless assets and many may still fail. Now that the US Government is failing and has been for some time, who must come to its rescue? It is We the People; we must rescue our government from itself.

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2 comments on “Government, Too Big to Fail
  1. euandus says:

    You would have heard a lot about it in 1980.

  2. Doomster says:

    Don’t forget the $50-billion per year war on drugs.

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