Columbus Day

Today is Columbus Day, a day to celebrate the European’s discovery of the Americas and a day to remember that ~14,000 years ago the what became Native Americans found their way across the Bering Straits to settle here.

Since Columbus gets the holiday, let’s takes a moment to praise the descendents of the first explorers on this continent.  There were roughly 500 Nations that existed when the Europeans first landed here and none stand truly sovereign today.  I’m not going to go into the specifics of the conquering of those nations, the link above is a very good series that describes that in detail, no what I’d like to bring up is what the Native Americans gave the newcomers that eventually conquered them, that is Freedom.

Europeans had been experimenting with all sorts of freedoms ranging from religious to economic but the Colonists were greeted with a new concept of freedom that Europeans had not tasted for hundreds if not thousands of years, Self-Governance.  Total freedom so long as one did not tread on the freedoms of another.  This concept is built within the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution.

When you have time, take a few moments and read the Declaration of Independence, but read the “Facts” of King George’s infringements first and following the “When in the Course of human events” section.  It is far easier to understand why the colonists demanded separation especially given the multitudes of offices, agencies, and edicts he created and the enormous prize of Self-Governance.  Not just freedom from the King but the freedom from ever being ruled as individuals or a group again.  This gift is just short of the gift of life for what is life without Liberty and a Pursuit of Happiness?  It is servitude and pursuit of freedom.

While Democrat and Republican leaders will lead one to believe that they can take away freedoms if they have a majority in a poll and the Senate, this is not the case. The Declaration of Independence declared and demanded our self-evident freedom and the US Constitution protects it.  If an individual cannot infringe upon the rights of another, then they cannot also nominate and then delegate someone else to do so.

So while you’re ignoring, well I am, the well known feat that Columbus and his crew accomplished, don’t miss the opportunity to examine what the Nations that preceded the United States gave to us all, true freedom.

Please comment freely, I’d be interested in hearing how folks describe freedom and/or how those freedoms are being infringed upon.

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One comment on “Columbus Day
  1. Doomster says:

    It was about money and power back then, and it’s about money and power now. Those in power warp the system to their own advantage while trying to distract us with idealistic arguments. Politicians argue reasoning that is meant to be divisive among party lines, distracting us from what issues are really about.

    Take the current financial crisis. The notorious legislation that instigated it was marketed as helping families get homes. People argue about opportunity, hard work and other basic ideals. All this is just a distraction from what is really new way to make money off foreclosures. Before we know it, there are so many defaulted mortgages that a historically stabile asset takes a nose dive. The ripple effect hammers economies around the globe.

    Enter the incestuous relationship between big business and the government again. Instead of letting the disaster strike the people that caused the crisis, the politicians put together a bailout package. They market it as saving American jobs. In the end it didn’t work. Americans still lost a ton of jobs and they still have our money.

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