Hey! What is Subsidiarity again?

It happens more than we like it to, but oftentimes when subsidiarity is brought up in conversation, it doesn’t bring much enthusiasm.  People sometimes fail to see much of what comes with it, or hold the perception that it is not likely to come to fruition.  That some lesser of two evils is easier to get and hopefully will lead to some good.  We aim to change that.

Subsidiarity, where of course the individual is the most local form of government, is the most independent status one can achieve.  Will different regions of the country, and indeed world (freedom is universal), require different and various levels of government (common dependence) to solve the common needs of that region?  Of course, but what we’re saying is that only the level necessary and that is common to all need be instituted, and therefore funded and centrally planned.

Centrally planned, there’s that phrase again.  We normally point out the evils of central planning, but in the above context we are advocating it.  So why is that we are advocating it?

All organizations are centrally planned by nature.  By turning the paradigm upside down,we now centrally planned ourselves and the government levels outside the home become the decentralized planners.  How much of our lives are we willing to leave up to them to manage?  How much are we willing to rely on them to keep up the Service Level Agreement?  Especially when they are the only service provider in town.  Government is a service, right?  We’re just saying that if you consider yourself your own level of government, then you should be able to provide most of your own services at that level.

“Now what about those who centrally plan themselves poorly, the ones who can’t help but service themselves to others property without permission?”  For that we need some higher ‘rule’, some governance that operates at all levels of government.  Across all levels uniformly.  Each level of government has self similarity to all the others, especially with regards to the ‘rules’ that govern us all.  And do not forget that you are the most fundamental level of government, so the same rules you must abide by, all others must as well.

We simply try, then punish those who can’t abide by the rules.  Period.

So how do you come up with the rules that everyone must agree to?  I’m sure some are thinking “Fat chance of that!”, but the way has been with us all along.  Since the beginning of recorded history, but only recently discovered.  It is the Rule of Law definable through rights.  All we have to do is come up with a formula that defines whether something is a right or a privilege and then the rules fall ‘right’ into place.  Pun intended.

We begin by stating that every action by government outside the individual is a privilege.  As long as we agree that the government’s just powers are derived from the consent of the governed, then all those just powers are automatically a privilege.  Central Government takes place at the individual level, and distributed government (federal, state, and local) has no rights no matter what level.  Only privilege through consent.

Subsidiarity, ladies and gentlemen, is government in its best form.  Up next how to define rights and privileges with a fool-proof formula.

The End is Far,

Steve A Morris

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Lean Toward

A news article over at Cowboy Byte caught my attention this morning that I found a bit interesting.  The Obama Campaign has a new slogan simply called ‘Forward’ that Cowboy Byte correctly ties to Socialist propaganda throughout modern socialism.  This led me to ask “Which direction is forward?

You see Hayek points out over and over again that the Socialists, both modern and historical, poison language in order to poison the mind.  They redefine words by tying them to false and many times opposite meanings.  Take for instance ‘Liberal‘.  There is nothing liberal about Central Planning, nor the redistribution of wealth that accompanies it.  Yet the Democrats have absconded the term and now what once meant ‘favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible’ now is closely tied to ‘freedom from independence’.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Now re-emerges the bastardization of the term ‘forward’.  What many take for granted is that ‘forward’ has a permission connotation attached to it.  ‘Forward’ means a decision has been made as to what direction and those who take the first step are agreeing with that direction.  Oddly enough, the term originates from the Old English ‘foreweard’ meaning ‘agreement’.  “Foreweard march!”, gets everyone moving in unison in the same direction.

Well which direction is that?  It has been pointed out before that Central Planning = Central Authority = Central Ownership.  If you assume the Authority to Plan someone else’s property, labor, and life, then you in practice own that property, labor, and life.  That is Serfdom, or is it Socialism?  It is both as they are in practice the same thing.  We could easily say that Socialism is simply Modern Serfdom.

Serfdom is backwards not forwards.  Serfdom has been tried and tried again and has always been a failure.  Why?  Because it leads towards ‘dependence’ upon those that cannot possibly plan effectively for the many they have assumed Authority/Ownership over.  Whether that Authority is from Divine Right or Elections, it still in practice is Ownership.  Dependence is where we all start as babes and over time we grow more and more Independent.  Independence is ‘forward’ in both time and ability.  It is the Pursuit of Happiness.

So I’m adopting the slogan “Lean Toward”.  “Towards what?” one may ask and that is the right question.  Independence is the Goal.  “Towards Independence . . .” is my reply.

Lean Toward since the End is Far . . .

Steve A Morris

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The Goal is Independence

Unsolicited adversement for National GeographicWhile pondering what the finish line of the G-Prize should be, I found it difficult to choose one myself since not everyone may find it a worthy prize.  So I found another way to draw the finish line.  I’m declaring that team ‘The End is Far’ is officially entering the contest.

We offer that Subsidiarity, where the most local level of government is the person, is the most perfect form of government given our understanding of the universe and our knowledge of human behavior.  We offer that we can not only describe this form of government in commonly understood language, but also describe in detail how to get there.

That’s the bar team ‘The End is Far’ is going to ante up to get this thing started.  As I’ve stated before, I’m confident this can be completed with presentation by the end of July or early August before the GOP nomination.  I’m confident the candidate that reads it and says ‘Hell yeah’, will win it and the Presidency.  I’m also confident candidates at all levels who agree will end up representing their district’s positions as well.

I offer that Independence is Subsidiarity, where the most local level of government is the person.  That governing oneself within the confines of natural law is the maximum level of Independence one can achieve.  I don’t know if the natural law level can be achieved, but I can help build the track to get us halfway there.

Where we govern our communities, and ourselves, with the same vigor as our Federal Representatives do today, locally.  Most of our taxes will go to our local services, then less for the State, and likely even less to the Federal.  Nearly all of the services needed by a community can be supplied and funded by the community itself as long as the Federal Government is not imposing that service upon us.

Social security, education, medical care, police, fire, libraries, urban or rural development, and just about every other Federal ‘service’ can be managed and funded at the local level.  But we don’t want out of the Union.  There are some very valuable reasons to stick with the rest of you.

That to come . . .

The End is Far,

Steve A Morris

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If You Can’t Beat Them, Don’t Join Them

I’m not ready to give up on Freedom, but let’s take a look at some hurdles we Classic Liberals (Classic Freemen) face.  Independence is a lack of Dependence.  A significant portion of the US Adult population is Dependent upon others.  Life that is simply surviving does not put much thought into thriving.

I could go on for days about how Life is the opposite of Entropy and how different species go about defeating Entropy in various ways.  So let’s cut to the chase.  Human Beings require somewhere between 15 to 25 years to be educated enough to survive on their own.  It is worth noting that species who rely on instinct rather than education have hundreds or even millions of more offspring since their infant mortality is so much higher.  During a Human’s first 15-25 years we get varying degrees of Nature and Nurture that will result in varying degrees of Independence.  That is really what Maturity or Adulthood is, it is a lack of being dependent upon others, especially one’s parents.

Independence takes work, intelligence, and planning.  Nature naturally follows the path of least resistance so it is no wonder that it only takes a couple of generations of handouts to produce a society that is only capable of Dependency.  The skills required to be Independent must be learned and exercised to be of any use.  The easy way out Never leads to Independence.

The level of Adult Dependence in the US is staggering.  Social Security (and Medicare) is in no way secure, it actually forces most US citizens over 65 to be Dependent upon Government for an Allowance and Medical Care.  16%, and growing, of Americans are Dependent upon Government for food via Food Stamps.  Somewhere between 25 and 50% of US children get a ‘Free’ Lunch at School.  I could go on and on, but you should get the picture, if an Adult cannot care for themselves or their own children, then they are in practice a Child.  Dependency, whatever kind you can think of, is a form of bondage.  It allows the Provider to coerce the behavior of the Dependent vie threat of withholding.  The recent “You won’t get your SS Check if we don’t raise the Debt Ceiling (aka print/borrow more money)” is a good example.

Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that “that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”  This is a property of Life itself.  Life that fails at the touch of suffering would not last long and Humans are as tenacious as any life this planet has seen.  We can, as a species, endure great hardship before society breaks down into chaos.  This is what Jefferson was talking about.  In a social setting, human behavior tends to endure rather than reject.  There are a great many reasons and levels to this, but it is simply human nature.  If Rulers can throw in a pinch of sugar on top of Dependence every so often, there is little motivation to stop enduring.  Especially when the Dumb Masses have been conditioned to endure.

Not long ago I pondered whether this uphill battle for Liberty was worth the effort.  The Two Party System will likely break the backs and banks of those who seek to end the Passive Tyranny.  It rose to power through Theft, Deceit, and Murder and those who have inherited the Reigns are no less unscrupulous.  Those that are/become scrupulous do not last long.

The Dumb Masses are just going to continue to Bend Over, or Lean Forward as MSNBC puts it, and take it like some battered spouse whose ‘self-esteem’ waxes and wanes with the sporadic abuse and affection of their abuser.  It turns out ‘their’ esteem is not romthe self, it is their abusers to Centrally Plan.  The abused will continue to make excuses as they try to ‘fix’ what is intended to be broken.  They will whine and bitch but as long as their abuser lifts their spirits on occasion, they will endure in order to make their suffering worth it.  This is not unlike the “If we don’t send more soldiers to die, then the ones we already sent have died in vain” argument.

Why fight for the abused and risk all when that fight will most likely result in my own continued endurance and suffering?  Why don’t I simply join the Masters?

That is another topic in itself, but to give you a hint, it is because those who would keep Human Beings from being Independent are SCUM BAGS and I am an Independent Human Being.

It is time to Abolish Human Domestication.

Stand UP or Bend Over, because the End is Far!

Steve A Morris

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The Poisoning of Language

The War on Liberty is not always out in the open or easily perceivable.  In his book ‘The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism‘ F. Hayek had a chapter named The Poisoning of Language which described the often unnoticed and under-appreciated covert and clandestine War against our Language.  The Poisoning of Language is no less significant or dangerous than Cyber Attacks, the Assault on Education, or our Right to defend ourselves.

One of the most dangerous concepts that is openly accepted and practiced is the idea of ‘Living Languages‘.  This may seem like an overstatement, we all know that language evolves as new concepts become available and as slang makes its way into common use.  However, we must consider the usefulness and mission of language when adopting changes.  If the change is contrary to the usefulness or mission, it should be overtly examined and scrutinized.

So what is the Mission of Language?  Bear with my, what will be, often overtly obvious explanations to questions that normally do not need asking, but it is helpful for me to break down issues into fundamental parts to get a detailed understanding of the problem.

First let’s take a look at what language is.

  • Language is ‘a form of communication using words either spoken or gestured with grammar, often with a writing system.’
  • Communication is ‘the state of exchanging information between entities.’
  • Words are “distinct units of language with a particular meaning or definition.”
  • Definitions are “statements expressing the fundamental nature of something, Clarity, a sharp demarcation of boundaries.”

Now some of you may be thinking “No Duh” or “So what?”  The reason I’ve broken it down as such is to reveal the clandestine war against Liberty through the bastardization of our ability to communicate.  It is all about Communication.  Communication is the act of exchanging information.  Language is how we do it.  Words are used to make communication effective and efficient.

What is the first thing the US does when we invade another nation?  We take out their Communications.  Their ability to effectively and efficiently communicate helps them resist our efforts.  The same thing is going on with our language in a not so open and evident way.  Our ability to Communicate is being degraded by changes in the definitions of key words that help formulate thought.  Now the Progressives are not going about this in a Shock and Awe fashion, fact is they deliberately take their time to avoid suspicion and resistance.

By changing definitions the socialists/progressives reduce the effectiveness and efficiency in exchanging information.  They also, if done over time, slowly change the informationalready exchanged without much notice and little resistance.  This is actually very evident when examining the Concept of the Living Constitution.  When one changes the definition of words within a Contract, Compact, or Constitution without changing the words themselves, one covertly changes the Contract, Compact, and/or Constitution.  No Congress or Amendment necessary.

We will examine many examples but one that sticks out easily is ‘Welfare‘.  When the Constitution was written ‘welfare’ meant ‘prosperity & happiness‘.  Today it still means ‘prosperity & happiness‘ but ‘financial aid‘ has been added.  Now this seems innocuous since we generally accept ‘welfare’ to mean government assistance, but how does government assistance equate with Prosperity?  It does not equate.

This leads to deeper problems.  The Constitution states that the Federal Government is to ‘promote the general Welfare’.  Now since ‘welfare’ now means ‘government financial assistance’ the Federal mandate becomes to ‘promote the general government finanical assistance‘.  If the Government is promoting ‘the general financial assistance’, what do you think we’re going to get more of?

Communication is a Right.  One does not require permission to exchange information with another, but it does not preclude the responsibility to exercise that right.  How effectively we communicate with each other is up to us.  If we allow others to redefine our words, and Constitution, in order to serve their purpose, we are quickly made Slaves where the chains are hidden in the mind.

This is where the Etymology Category in Secular Tea comes to play.  Here we will be examining the bastardization of our language and how it is infringing upon our ability to exercise our Rights.

Studies have shown that Tea Partiers are more intelligent than our Adversaries.  This doesn’t mean that those who did not recognize the poisoning of language until now are not intelligent.  I consider myself to be quite intelligent, but never once came close to making this connection until reading Hayek. And I truly didn’t understand the importance and advantages until writing this post.

Intelligence is a measure of one’s ability to acquire Knowledge and Use it.  Fellow Tea Partiers, we need to use everything in our arsenal to defeat the destroyers of Liberty.  The ability to Communicate must be restored to maximum efficiency and effectiveness to win this War.

Always look up the Root or Etymology of words used by Socialists.  You will find that all too often the meanings have been reversed.

Steve A Morris

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The Ron Paul Advocacy

“Ron Paul has no real Political Power and he is fleecing his followers.”  That is what some over at Patriot Action Network are saying.  I’ve got a different view, being a Ron Paul Advocate.

Now while there may be Ron Paul ‘followers’ out there, I’m not one of them.  Many Paul supporters do not follow him so much as they strongly Advocate his nomination.  There is a big disconnect between say Paul Advocates and Bachmann Followers, and I’ll try to define that difference without being too subjective.

Paul Advocates do not support Paul as much as have a shared understanding of the world around us.  Natural Law, the Rule of Law, and Micro Economics do not change with the season so if you state that you understand and adhere to the principles that make up Natural Law, the Rule of Law, and Micro Economics, then it is very easy to predict what you would do in a particular or general situation.  It is also easy to tell whether others understand and are adhering to these principles.

You see Paul Advocates support Paul because while we are more or less equal in our understanding of the Universe around us, Paul is the only one that is in a position to run for President.  He has steadfastly proven time and time again that he not only understands the Laws of Nature, but he methodically practices them.  We need someone who can actually Represent us in the White House.  Ron Paul is not only Capable, he’s offering his services.  That is hard to resist when he has no real competition.

Followers cannot be Represented in the White House or Congress for that matter, only Leaders can and that is who Advocates for Ron Paul.  People who are, or on their way to being, capable of carving their own existences out without having to look for direction or worse yet permission.  Worse yet from a ‘representative’ who is supposed to be taking direction and permission from us!

The Ron Paul Advocacy is Political Power.  Political Power comes from the support of those who actually possess power.  Now while the source of power here in the US has become fuzzy for some, the true source of power comes from the Consent of the Governed.  Sound familiar?  Correct, the Declarartion of Independence reminded the former King of the Colonies the source of Political Power and Etienne de La Boétie wrote about it in the ‘Discourse of Voluntary Servitude’ as early as the early 1500’s.

The reason why the source of Political Power here in the US gets fuzzy is that it is all too often Purchased (entitlements) or Coerced (legislated).  But, Classic Liberals including the Ron Paul Advocacy are no longer Consenting.  That my friends is Power, real Power.

When someone refuses their Consent from being Bought or Legislated, they are withholding more Power than might be recognized.  It is like someone refusing to sell the farm, their traditions and livelihood.  One person/family defending his and/or her home is like a 100 or a 1000 being paid to take it.

The Ron Paul Advocacy IS Political Power in its purest form.  We are millions of individuals and families who have finally come together to stand firm to protect our Liberties, our Traditions, and our Communities’ Livelihoods.  We are NOT followers.  We already outnumber our adversaries 10 to 1 in real Consent.  We’re not bought, and we’re no longer taking orders from our overstaffed and overpaid Public Servants.

Ron Paul is one of US and we Advocate for one of our own!  So when you hear a detractor talking about Ron Paul ‘followers’, say “Repeat after me, Ron Paul does not have followers, Ron Paul has Advocates” and then bore them to death with how much you know about Sound Money and the source of Political Power.  If they don’t convert, at least they won’t make the mistake of bashing our guy in front of you again! :)

The End is Far and Life is a Journey, let’s make the rest of it the best journey we can!

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It’s Getting Harder to Ignore

“I’m not for certain, I’m not for sure, but this scene is stronger than it’s ever been before.  It’s getting harder to ignore.”  Every once in a while I can’t help but relate the words of a song to the current situation.  I think that is why many of us enjoy music, the right song can really change how you see the world at the time.  ‘Harder to Ignore‘ by The Features, for example, reminds me of the rebirth of the Classic Liberal.

Classic Liberals are coming together.  We’re the true silent majority that has been trying to ignore the losers on the Left and the Right who keep encroaching upon our daily lives as if we’re in some arranged marriage that we once put up with, but can’t remember the wedding, the honeymoon, and can’t remain silent anymore.  There are other suitors out there who are not trying to change who we are or what we believe in.  The Scene is getting better.

“I’m not for certain, I’m not for sure, but I think your pants are tighter than the day they were before.  It’s getting harder to ignore.”

How did we end up with this overbearing split personality government?  We’re forced to listen to them yammer on about being ungenerous & cheap or immoral & unpatriotic depending upon whether they’re PMS’ing or Preaching that day.  Are we holding onto the comfort of being annoyed, robbed, and berated?  They get drunk with power and pick fights, for us to finish, with people we don’t know or care to know.  They charge 5 lifetimes of earnings buying everyone free lunch & drinks and waging wars that can never be won.  (i.e. Terror, Drugs, Poverty)

Who is this Government our parents arranged us with?  Who is this fat, uncaring, unknowing, expensive, LOUD, and just plain ugly government we ended up with?  Why on Earth are we sticking with them?  There are others who are much more attractive trying to get our attention.

It’s getting harder to ignore!  

But let’s not forget who else is getting harder to ignore.  Yes, Ron Paul, but let us not forget about who he stands with.  Who he stands for.  Who we stand with and for.  The Classic Liberals of the US and the World.  We’re getting harder to ignore and along with us the best viable candidate to spearhead our restoration of Rights and Rule of Law.  (RP)

It is somewhat humorous to hear Classic Liberal Detractors get offended that Paul supporters take it personally when they attack ‘his’ understanding of the universe around us.  What these Detractors cannot fathom is that when they attack what they believe is “Paul’s position”, it is actually a Shared Understanding of the same Universe that we all occupy.

Our (Supporters and RP) positions are not from a list, they are logical solutions that employ critical thinking that takes all the information on hand and seeks to resolve the issues in the most meaningful and long-lasting manner.  Not to mention to benefit us all and with as little pain as possible.  So of course it is personal, especially when what they are attacking is OUR peaceful solutions to THEIR party’s forced ills upon us all.

They are getting harder to ignore.  Folks we can no longer attempt to pay a little more to stave off the temper tantrum that is inevitable.  A split personality brat (Two Party System w/ Dependents) has assumed control over our Federation.  We must cut this brat off and punish it appropriately should their impending tantrum cause too much disturbance.  But we must also recognize that this Brat grew up without our supervision so we must expect and plan for resistance.  Turning a cheek must be endured on occasion through this transition.

Folks, we are no longer keeping our opinions and understanding to ourselves, but we need to step it up.  Ron Paul is not our savior, he is one of our voluntary Spearheads or Shovels.  We are the energy behind him.  Without us he does not move.  It is our energy and potential that determines Paul’s usefulness.  His experience at the tip of our spear makes us more dangerous.  His solid record in our hands helps us to be more productive in our Restoration.

We are getting harder to ignore.  Let’s keep it up.

They/We can ignore reality, but they/we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. ~ Ayn Rand.

See these articles and peruse the comments.   It’s an eye opener.





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If Life is a Journey and the End is Far . . .

If Life is Journey and the End is Far . . .

Are the D’s or R’s going to get us there safe and sound?

While there are obviously millions that are banking on it, I prefer to take another path.  My own.  As for the D’s and R’s path, NO THANKS.  In fact, they can take their sorry ass insane plans and stick them back with their heads where the Sun never shines.  Insanity being the HOPE or IGNORANCE that doing the same thing over and over again will bear different results.

How many times do ‘they’ have to prove that the Road to Hell is paved with their Good Intentions.  The Road to Hell/Serfdom is behind us, we are there folks.  I’m going take the high road this time and imagine that the D & R ‘Leaders’ (it still escapes me why a people who Declared Independence rely on inept ‘leaders’) are not simply subversively controlling the futures of our lives for their own personal amusement and/or profit.  No instead, I am going to imagine that ‘they’ simply have our best interest at heart.

Frederick von Hayek wrote long ago that the Central Planners thought that if they took the centrally planned resource allocation that comes during periods of War and continued to apply them during periods of Peace, that they could efficiently and effectively plan the lives of millions better than individuals could do for themselves.  Basically what they believed was that since during wartime they were quite effective at rationing scarce resources (labor, property, lives, etc) that the same rationing would work even better during peacetime.  All for the ‘good’ of the people of course.

What they found was something else altogether.  What was discovered is that people do not march to the beat of one drum during peacetime.  Everyone has their own objectives, their own pace, and are highly resistant to rationing and marching in step.  They found that it is hard to get people to go along without some major Crisis for them to unite against.

Now I have a dilemma, earlier I said I was going to take the high road and imagine that the D&R Central Planners have our best interest at heart.  What is now evident is that Self Interest is rampant amongst mankind so it is quite impossible for the Interest of the many to be Centrally Planned, especially during Peacetime.

Is it possible that ‘they’ still have our best interests at heart when they cannot possibly fathom them all?  No of course they can’t, but that creates an opportunity create common interests (i.e. Poverty, Equality, Drugs, Terrorism – Crisis) for people to unite against.  What the D’s & R’s have done is created two sets of common interests for people to unite behind while throwing in a War or Two.  This sets up a very good system that allows the failure of a good D intention to be contrasted against the failure of a good R intention.

The Two Party System gives them an Oligopoly on the intentions to choose from which is the subject of the next post.  Law 31 – Control the Options, Get Others to Play the Cards You Deal.

If Life is a Journey, and the End is Far, who are you going to trust to get you there?  A ‘D’?  An ‘R’?  How about an ‘I’?

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The Evil of Banality


Adolf Eichmann

Just about a week ago I read an article by Wendy McElroy over at Mises.Org titled ‘Grappling with the Banality of Evil‘ that got me thinking.  Banality was not a term in my lexicon that I ever used, if it were ever in really my lexicon at all.  It sounded familiar, but it was not clear.  So I did like I always do, I looked it up and looked for it’s origin.  The modern definition is ‘common in a boring way, predictable’ but this is not how Wendy was using it, nor how I understood it.

McElroy was using it in a compulsory sense describing how war atrocities are banal in a legal, coercive, and excusing sense, and low and behold the term derives from Medieval Latin ‘bannalis’ meaning ‘pertaining to compulsory feudal service, command, proclamation’.  It is Legal Evil.  This made more sense and as I stated above, it got me thinking.  It got me thinking about the Evil of Banality itself.

Banality is Feudalism.  It is compulsory service.  It is the Authority behind the “I was just following orders” excuse so often used by Government Employees and their Employer.  It is Legal Plunder, Legal Slavery, and Legal Murder all committed under the Banner of Law.  But Banality is more than that, it not only is the Excuse of Atrocity, it spreads culpability so thin it never hurts those behind the Authority.

Worse yet, culpability is ultimately placed upon the system of government for which those who are offended pay for and are forced to depend upon.  Think Law Enforcement murders an innocent in the line of duty, accident or not.  The Officer may be punished, but it is the City with money so ‘they’ get sued and ‘they’ pay the most while the People get to reimburse the City.  You start to wonder whether justice should be served since the innocent are once again offended, again under the Banner of Law.

(There is a difference between Law Enforcement and Peace Keeping so don’t take the analogy too far or suppose that I seek a community without a Sheriff or Order, quite the contrary)

Now this is a huge subject, somehow I never choose (or perhaps they do not choose me) simple subjects, so this is a good place to stop.  I will pick certain Banalities of Government (Compulsory/Mandatory Evils) to write about in the near future, but I would like for you to ponder the Banality (Gov’t Mandated Planning) of our Government and how it affects your daily life.

Life is a Journey and the End is Far . . .

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Translation for a Warmista

This is a response to Theo Goodwin over at http://WattsUpWithThat.com

“I have to inform you that your comment is about empirical knowledgee and will require translation for Warmista.”

Temperature is the representation of Energy Pressure.  All objects in the Universe radiate energy and the rate is known as Temperature.  In order for an object to maintain an even Pressure (aka Temp) it must have an equal amount of energy going in as it cools.  If an object has more energy going out than it has coming in, it is said to be cooling.  The opposite is warming.

Different matter has different ability to hold energy within a given volume and pressure.  For example.  A cubic meter of water (1,000,000 grams and specific heat 4.186 joules/gram C) holds about 1.2 Billion joules at 15C (288.15 Kelvin) and requires about 4.1 Million joules +or- to raise or lower the Temp 1C.  It’s pressure is 15C or about 390W/m^2 leaving which means that to remain 15C it must also have 390W/m^2 going in.

Air with the same volume (1,250 grams SHC 1.007j/gram C) only holds about 350,000 joules at 15C, but has the same pressure of 390W/m^2.  It requires about 1,258 joules to raise or lower it’s temp (aka Pressure) 1C.  Now it takes about 3.2 seconds to lower the Energy Pressure of the Air 1,258 joules to give it a Temp of 14C radiating at 385W/m^2.  Over the same period the same volume of water cools .0003C radiating at 389.9999999W/m^2.

What this shows is that in order for Air to increase the energy pressure within Water, it has to have a Pressure (aka Temp) much higher because its reserves are so little as compared.  The Temp of water in nature will NEVER be dictated by Air temp, only the other way around.

Imagine two water balloons hooked to each other.  One is 1 gallon and the other 3,300 gallons at the same pressure.  If you squeeze the smaller one you only increase the pressure in the big one a very small amount.  If you squeeze the big one, you rapidly increase the pressure in the small one.

The point is that Heat Capacity, Density, and Volume dictate that, in nature, heat will always flow from Higher Energy Capacity*Density (i.e. Water) to areas with Lower Capacity*Density (Air).  You will not find that the so-called Back Radiation can heat an area from which the Radiation came.  If a GCM shows Energy flowing from areas of Low Pressure to areas with High Pressure, it is not reflecting what happens in reality.

It is IMPOSSIBLE, not to mention that the causes of the “Back Radiation” will act in the exact same way on the Original Radiation causing a Back-Back Radiation, and then a Back-Back-Back Radiation and so on as that area expands due to the extremely high elasticity of air causing it to rise.  The atmosphere’s elasticity increases with altitude making it easier and easier to expand as the air is pushed upwards by cooler more dense air being dragged by Gravity beneath it.

To take a line from most AGW Advocates.  “It is simple physics really.”

Follow the Energy because the End is Far  . . .

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